Star Dynasties is an indie game in early development by Glen Pawley, and this website hosts its devlog.

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    1. Hi Steven, thanks for the interest! I’m afraid I am already working with a composer on this project, thank you. Best of luck with your projects.

  1. hi i’m here to share the story of how i found star dynasties

    i am a game developper i am making a game for whitch i needed icons, and i found the website game-icons.net whitch was what i needed but then i go on their Twitter and see that they post updates and games that use their icons and i foud a tweet talking about star dynasties and the best part is that my game is also a game similar to ck2 beacause it’s a character based strategy game exept it’s in a dystopian country
    and it amazes me that i could find a game this little know this good looking and this similar to my own
    even though my game is much earlier in it’s development

    thought this was worth sharing

    1. game-icons.net is a great resource, I hope you find what you’re looking for there. Thanks for sharing.

      I haven’t put a lot of effort into talking about the game yet, my natural skills are more on the development side 🙂

      Your game sounds interesting too, do you have a website or something up for it yet?

      1. no i feel it’s too early for showcasing it to people as there isn’t much to see yet (i only started it 1.5 month ago) but basically my focus when making it is making it as dynamic as possible and give as many tools that the player can use in many ways
        it’s a bit more sandbox oriented than ck2 for example
        the following best shows my design vision when i make the game (not in the game yet hopefully will be by next month) :
        if you kidnap someone you have many options like killing him, poisoning him so that he will die once he returnes to his position, giving him a contagious disease so that he transmit it to another character, criple him, torture him until he is brainwashed and recruit him, convince him to recruit him, use him as a hostage to make another character do something or just keep him until he is presumed dead

        it advances quickly the only problem is that i am very bad at art so this side of the game is not advancing much but game-icons.net did help me quite a bit

        1. That sounds ambitious, I hope you succeed!

          If it’s helpful, what I’ve found is that actions that change character states (such as being incapacitated) require most of the work not in implementing them, but in making sure that the rest of the game interacts well with them. For example, if we track characters being incapacitated, then at a minimum every other action needs to know whether it can be applied to incapacitated characters or not. When a character becomes incapacitated or stops being incapacitated it might have knock on effects to other states and activities they are involved in. Figuring out how to make everything as modular and isolated as possible was key.

          1. i am having similar problems that and i wan’t my game to be moddable so making everything not only dynamic system but ones you can easely add componants to is a puzzle

            here i’l show you how bad my art is: https://imgur.com/lecU17c
            this is the character health screen that is accessible to your prisoners and allows you to act on all the bodypart you want it works but it is quite ugly

          2. Yes exactly, the problem is compounded if you want to make the game moddable.

            Hey my art skills are so bad I didn’t even try… focus on your strengths, and get some help from others on the areas that are your weaknesses.

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