Welcome To Star Dynasties

Hi!  I’m Glen Pawley, the indie game developer building Star Dynasties.

What Is Star Dynasties?

A character simulation game set in a dark age future, where you play as the leader of a faction of space colonies through multiple generations of your dynasty.  Your goal is to ensure that your house survives and grows in influence.  The game will be available on PC.  I go into more detail about it in the first devlog post, and the post about it’s core concepts.  If you want a taste of what the game is like to play, take a look at an After Action Report.

When Can You Play?

The game is in the early stages of becoming playable.  We would like to have a public alpha available in the next few months.

Who Is This Game For?

You might like this game if you like;

  • Epic stories of conflict, political plots, and human drama between nobles in a scifi setting
  • Games that model characters with personalities and emotions, and allow you to interact with them
  • Strategy games that are about politics and relationships rather than military tactics
  • Games like Crusader Kings, King of Dragon Pass, or The Sims