The Game

Humanity had taken its first tentative steps in space, but the inadvertent destruction of Earth has plunged the galaxy into a new dark age. Hundreds of years later, the surviving colonies have stabilised into a simple feudal society, unable to understand or extend the technological artifacts they use to survive. An aristocratic elite fight between themselves for the right to rule over the scattered fragments of human kind.

You are the leader of a faction of star systems, seeking to ensure the survival and prosperity of your dynasty. Expand your empire, herd your unruly vassals, build political alliances, and navigate a web of agendas and social obligations to emerge as the dominant power of the galaxy.

  • Take on the role of the head of a political family through multiple generations, and lead it to dominance over the remnants of human civilization
  • Uphold the traditions and laws of society and earn a reputation for honor, or seize power and risk turning the galaxy against you
  • Interact with hundreds of characters with realistic personalities, emotions, and relationships
  • Punish those that have wronged you, and reward your allies
  • Experience an emergent narrative of personal and political drama

For more about the vision behind Star Dynasties, read the Core Concepts blog post.

You are being asked to bring your own son to justice

A vassal leader is pushing their own claim and threatening to rebel