AAR – Jory Hutchinson – #1

The Beginning – Star Date: Jan 3002

We’re running two AARs in parallel to showcase what Star Dynasties is like to play.  This AAR takes a more analytical approach to the game.  I am playing using Strategy Mode, where I have full control over my character’s actions.

Our other story, featuring Katie Bond, is a more light-hearted look at how you can play Star Dynasties, and also showcases Story Mode.

Star Dynasties is in development; some of the game systems in this prototype are incomplete or may change in the future.

Happy Reading – Christine (playtester)


When you start a new game of Star Dynasties, the world has already been simulated for some time, so every character (including yours) has already experienced a series of events and outcomes.

One of the first things I do is look at characters who seem important to me and skim their history logs to glean insights into their opinions of each other, and how past events might affect future actions.

Let’s see how it goes!

Introducing Jory Hutchinson

Hello, I am Faction Leader Jory Hutchinson.

We are a resourceful people, living in colonies scattered across space, following the destruction of our home planet Earth.

This is my diary of my leadership of The Hutchinson Dominion faction which I am a writing as a legacy for my descendants, and anyone else who is interested in hearing about my rule.

The year is Star Date 3002.

Faction Leader Jory Hutchinson

I am an experienced Faction Leader, with strong skills.

My personality is Compassionate, Loyal and Ambitious.

I am married, and I am the rightful owner of all the colonies in my faction

The Known Colonies

These are the three factions in my vicinity that I know something about; The Diaz Collective, The Trujillo Planets and The Bass Colonies (and undoubtedly there are others beyond).

My faction is The Hutchinson  Dominion.

Star Map of Known Factions

My Faction

Let me introduce you to the 5 colonies I own, and to their rulers who have sworn allegiance to me. The capital system of a faction is where the faction leader lives; in my case, Phecda. (indicated by the crown on the map)

The Colonies in The Hutchinson Dominion
My Rulers

My House

Colony populations live in ‘houses’ which are kin groups, friends, allies and anyone else they allow, with a leading Head (e.g. me). My house is the ruling house because of my status.

My Close Kin

These are the key people in my household; my mother, wife, two daughters and my half-brother.

Securing who inherits

Good marriages are a huge opportunity in this world to make new political alliances and to create or strengthen kinship bonds, which bring obligations of loyalty and support. This is doubly critical in the case of one’s heir, of course, to ensure that your heir also has children to inherit from them.

I have managed to secure good marriages for both my daughters; no small feat in the case of my eldest daughter (and heir), Brielle, who is unfortunately considered very dull, and is also irresponsible and fickle in temperament!

Eldest Daughter and Heir – Brielle Hutchinson

Brielle would have preferred a female partner, but as my heir, she knows I have an expectation that she have children to secure the continued inheritance of my empire through my direct bloodline. The agreement we reached was an elegant one from this perspective; Brielle and her uncle (my half-brother from my mother’s second marriage) have married.

My youngest, Iokina, is very charming and I received several requests for her hand in marriage which I rejected.

Youngest Daughter – Iokina Hutchinson

My neighbouring faction leader, Leader Clove Trujillo and I agreed marriage terms between his son (and heir) Vandalin, and Iokina.

It is rather a sweet deal actually. Vandelin moved to my household to marry Iokina, and he has adopted her surname Vandalin Hutchinson. Sadly, Vandelin is a sickly individual.  Hopefully his health lasts until they produce a grandson, who may well inherit the right to lead the Trujillo Planets.

Down to Business

I now need to focus on my domestic affairs, at home.

Firstly, I do not have many people in my household, and that is a problem. I need more people to make my house run better and earn more income.

Secondly, I need to ensure that everyone in my house is contributing to the work of the household and colony by assigning them to roles.

I adopted 6 new members to my household. I then moved people into roles according to their skills, and to cover all the areas needed to run a house as follows

Role Assignments for House Hutchinson

Both of my daughters, Brielle and Iokina are in Administration. Iokina is actually most skilled in Diplomacy, but diplomats often get posted to other colonies and she is pregnant, so I prefer to give her administration duties at home.

I have also appointed my council members, who are the heads of each area – where possible, I always prefer to keep these positions for my close kin who are more likely to remain loyal to me.

Therefore, I made Brielle the senior of my two daughters as my council member for Administration. Diplomacy is led by my mother, Poppy; and Head Surgeon in the Medical area is my half-brother, Liam.

My wife, Oralee, is the Council Head for Military, and a new house member, Bethany heads up my Security area (by herself as no-one else in my house has any aptitude for security, worryingly!)

Council Members – House Hutchinson

Next, I need to pay closer attention to what is happening around me in the other factions, and also see what my rulers are doing.

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