AAR – Jory Hutchinson – #2

Diary of Jory Hutchinson: 3005 – 3010


Leader Jory Hutchinson

Hello again! I am the Faction Leader of The Hutchinson Dominion, and this is my diary.

Here is what I wrote in 3002:  Jory Hutchinson – The Beginning

Diary Entry: Star Date – July 3005

My household is well populated with 19 nobles belonging to my House, and 4 guests (diplomats from other star systems). My daughters, Brielle and Iokina, are married; Iokina has a  daughter, Hila, and is expecting her second child.

My wife, Oralee, is also pregnant. She is my second wife (not Brielle and Iokina’s mother).

My faction has been at peace for the last 4 years and my four rulers have been loyal, although Ruler Grizelda Newman is unhappy with me for not helping her quell a rebel uprising on her system.

Diary Entry: Jan 3006

My wife, Oralee, successfully gave birth to a daughter, Teagan.

Tragically, Iokina died in childbirth although the baby survived, he is called Santos. I had hoped that Iokina and Vandalin, her husband (and heir to the Trujillo Planets faction), would enjoy a long marriage with several children to build a strong alliance based on family ties.

Funeral of Iokina Hutchinson

Six months later, Vandalin’s father, Leader Clove Trujillo, also died and Vandalin became faction leader of the Trujllo Planets. However, our factions are very similar in size and military power, and we have a good opinion of each other so our alliance remains strong.  Hila, my 4-year old grand-daughter is Vandalin’s  heir, but he has married again so probably she and Santos will have siblings with rival (albeit weaker) claims to inherit their father’s faction.

Diary Entry: Jul 3010

The factions around me have become increasingly unstable.

Star Map in the Year 3010

Leader Ezra Bass, has the largest faction near me but three of his rulers are constantly fighting – raiding other systems, and asking him for military support or justice which he ignores. Albadah was raided so often that the system infrastructure collapsed and the colony living there had to abandon it. I gave Ruler Grizelda Newman resources to increase the military strength of Marfik which borders the Bass Colonies; and we have supported Ruler Wiley McConnell, the Bass ruler of 70 Ophiuchi, in combat to earn her goodwill as her system is next door to us.

Ruler Wiley McConnell

Vandalin’s faction has fragmented into two. One of his rulers, Ruler Argus Wilkerson, raided Vandalin’s system, Yildun,  and stole resources from him. Vandalin tried to depose him with the help of another ruler and myself  but failed to win the combat in spite of having a much larger military force (supplied by me), and Argus Wilkerson has broken away and set himself up as an independent single system faction.

Breakaway Faction Leader Argus Wilkerson

On my other border, the Diaz Collective faction declared war on someone unknown to me, and conquered a system so they are growing more powerful.

Vandalin was left in such a weak position that I suggested he surrender his power to me and become part of my faction. It was highly likely that one of the larger factions would have attacked him so he accepted and became one of my rulers.

Vandelin surrenders his faction to me

I then asked the rebellious Leader Argus Wilkerson to surrender to me as well because he was also vulnerable, and he did – which could get interesting as Vandalin obviously has a grievance against Argus for breaking up his faction.

I have learnt of two new neighbours, the Heath Territories and Deleon Quadrant factions, through Vandalin’s rulers.

I am in a strong position with 9 systems in my faction

Factions known to me in 3010

This AAR showcases Strategy Mode, where I play the game with full control to select any valid action for my character.

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