AAR – Katie Bond – #3


The story so far:

#1 – A Young Leader with a Lot to Prove

#2 – Love is in the Air

Zeta Ophiuchi

Faction Leader Katie Bond (me!)

Oh heck … this leadership lark is full of hidden pitfalls!!!




A noble called Orson Glass is asking me to help him overthrow Ruler Leland Davis on one of my colonies, Zeta Ophiuchi.

As you know, I don’t really respect Leland much (-7), but I recently agreed to the marriage of his father and my stepmother – which puts me under kinship as well as feudal obligations to support him.

I like Orson (the guy rebelling) much more than Leland, but it would be wrong to support his rebellion, so I refused him.

Groan!!    … Orson won the fight!

Leland hired mercenaries but he still lost the battle. He didn’t bother to ask me for military support interestingly, I guess he thought I’d ignore him which is fair enough. He knew I didn’t like him much.

SO … I now have a new ruler who is unhappy with me for not helping him in combat. Going well!!

Upstart Ruler Orson Glass

Two Years Later

Good Lord … what is going on over there in Zeta Ophiuchi?!!

Leland Davis is now rising up in retaliation and trying to wrest power back from Ruler Orson Glass again.

In the meantime, Orson and I have built a small but healthy mutual respect for each other, and frankly, I would prefer to keep Orson as my ruler. However, Leland has more military support locally than his rival – Orson will almost certainly lose unless I respond to his plea for help.

Plea for assistance from Ruler Orson Glass

Ours is a harsh world, you need to be strong and well-connected to hold on to power against your rivals. Skirmishes and wars are inevitable and expected; our society respects those who protect their colonies from attack.

This is an interesting twist of events actually!

Orson has no legal right to rule the colony because he grabbed power by force, but over time his status will become accepted if he continues as ruler. Leland, however, has a strong legal claim to rule Zeta Ophiuchi and could reasonably expect me to uphold his right.

Other leaders and rulers will be watching to see whether I respond to Orson’s call for help or not!

Right to Rule Zeta Ophiuchi

In the end, I did support Orson, and of course, he easily crushed Leland’s rebellion with the addition of my military forces which increased his defence to four times its initial strength.

Orson is proving to be a demanding ruler!

Straight after the skirmish for power, he asked me to invest resources in the infrastructure and economy of Zeta Ophiuchi from my central funds. Cocky or what?!

It crossed my mind to tell him to stop fighting, and spend more time running the colony better – but I know a refusal would make me unpopular, so I bit my tongue and sent him money. Oh well, his opinion of me has soared (+44), so I guess I am his NBF!

Mizar – Another rebellion!

One of my other colonies, Mizar, is in turmoil too now.

Ruler Riley Moyer was outnumbered 26 to 51 against local rebel, Noble Montague Rodgers until I responded to Riley’s call for help and thankfully, we won the skirmish. Our ships fought well, and we wiped out the opposition convincingly with almost no military losses on our side.

Ruler Moyer retains power

The End

Note: Sorry …. that’s all we will ever know of Katie’s fate as a faction leader in the post-apocalyptic world of Star Dynasties. 

At this point in my game, the prototype version I was using crashed. I might have been able to continue if I had remembered to ‘save’ more often, but I forgot (my bad!). 

For those who are wondering what might have happened … I think eventually, Leader Odele Ayers would have attacked and conquered her (i.e. game end); but I was building Katie’s military strength, alliances and reputation as a ‘good leader’ so other leaders would probably have responded to her call for help in combat, possibly overturning Leader Ayers instead? 


This AAR is a light-hearted story playing Star Dynasties in Story Mode. See Jory Hutchinson for an example of playing the game in Strategy Mode where the player has access to all actions and full control to choose from any.

Star Dynasties is in development; some of the game systems in this prototype are incomplete or may change in the futureChristine Cooke is a playtester for Star Dynasties.

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